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陳正虎 (Chen, Cheng Hu)>

Job Title: Associate Professor and Chairman
Research: Mechatronic Systems and Energy Saving Technologies、Design and Application High-Efficiency Motors
E-mail: chchen@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7475
personal webpage: https://sites.google.com/a/niuapec.co.cc/motor/


何正義(Ho, Je Ee) >

何正義(Je-Ee Ho)
Job Title: Professor 
Research : Laser Machinery、Thermal Analysis、CFD Technology
E-mail: jeho@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7466 / 7450


方治國 (Fang, Chih Kuo)>

Job Title: Professor
Research : Tribology(Friction,Wear,and Lubrication)、Acoustic Emission、Machine Learning、Scanning Probe Microscopy、Taguchi  Methods、Failure Analysis(Corrosion,Wear,Fracture, and NDT)
E-mail: ckfang@niu.edu.tw
Office tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7461


王金燦 (Wang, Chin Tsam)>

Job Title: 特聘教授(Distinguished Professor)
Research : Fuel Cell、Microbial Fuel Cell、Microfluidic Device
E-mail: ctwang@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7459
personal webpage : http://tfbelab.niu.edu.tw/wordpress/


胡毓忠 (Hu, Yuh Chung) >

胡毓忠 (Yuh-Chung Hu)
Job Title: Professor
Research : Micro Electro Mechanical Systems  、Industrial Sensors、 Intelligent Machine、 Intelligent Machinery、 Vibrations and Acoustics
E-mail: ychu@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7469


林瑞裕 (Lin, Ruey Yue)>

Job Title: Associate Professor
Research : Automatic Control、Mechanical Design
E-mail: rylin@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7467


徐偉誠 (Hsu, Wei Cheng)>

Job Title: Associate Professor
Research : Industrial Dynamics Analysis、Machinery Vibration Analysis 
E-mail: wchsu@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7463


徐碧生(Hsu, Bih Sheng) >

Job Title: Associate Professor
Research : Vibrations、System Dynamics、 Finite Element Methods、CAE
E-mail: bshsu@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7460 


陳大智 (Chen, Da Chih)>

Job Title: Associate Professor
Research: Analysis of Mechanism、 Machine Vibration
E-mail: dcchen@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7464


陳發忠(Chen, Fa Chung)>

Job Title: Associate Professor
Research : Engineering Materials、non-destructive test technique
E-mail: fcchen@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7462


王宜達 (Wang, Yi Ta)>

Job Title: Associate Professor
Research : MEMS manufacturing、Energy Technology、Electric Fenton Fuel Cell、Material Surface treatment technology、Physical metallurgy、Material science、Material Electron microscopy 、Optoelectronic Engineering、Biomedical Technology Engineering
E-mail: ytwang@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7457


黃寶強 (Huang, Bao Chyang)>

Job Title: Assistant Professor
Research: Automatic  Control、Mechatronics
E-mail: bchwang@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7456


林宗鴻 (Lin, Tsung Hung)>

Job Title: Assistant Professor
Research : CAD/CAM 、Precision Machining、5 Axis CNC Machining、Manufacturing process of micro optical components、Microelectroforming
E-mail: linth@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7465


羅安成(Ruo, An Cheng) >

Job Title: Assistant Professor
Research: Flow stability、Numerical Simulation for Complex Flow、Energy Technology
E-mail: acruo@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel: +886-3-935-7400 ext7455

personal  webpage :   https://tnfdlab.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_85.html

邱信霖(Chiu, Hsin-Lin)

職稱: Assistant Professor
研究專長: Development of Rotor/Magnetic Bearing Systems, Development of Composite Power Amplifiers, System Identification 
電子郵件: hlchiu@niu.edu.tw
聯絡電話: +886-3-935-7400 ext 7458